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DMX 2024 Controller

DMX 2024 Controller
Product name : DMX 2024 Controller
Item : SNY-N001
Details :

DMX 2024 Controller / 2024 DMX Controller / 2024 Controller DMX
Consolas de iluminación
Consola DMX


DMX512/1990 Standard
504 channels
LCD display with backlight
Up to 20 scanners may be connected with a maximum of 24 channels each
24 channels for dimmers 8 slider for manual control of ochannels
Assignable joystick for ease of movement
Manual operate enable
12 chases(at most 40 steps for each chase)
480 chase steps
Range of corss time: 0.1s-25.5s
Range of speed time: 0.1s-25.5s
Each cahse speed and cross time can be saved automatic
128K high capacity memory card
The data auto-saves
DMX signal output connector: XLR-D3F
Power supply: DC9V 1000mA
Size: 486mm*252mm*90.5mm
Weight: 5.1Kg

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